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You know, having lurked around various fandoms for the past decade or so, I've read a lot (and I do mean a lot) of extremely hurtful, offensive, and ignorant portrayals of women, of people of colour, of lgbt people, even.  My own response to these stories has mainly been to close the browser window and move on to something else... I struggle enough with articulating my own emotional responses to myself, let alone typing them out in a comprehensible way for others! So I've been grateful beyond expression for the debate that has ignited fandom over the past year.  I am SO GLAD that there are people out here more articulate, more patient, and, frankly, better at 'being angry' than I am.  Following all of these discussions has both been marvalously affirming (so I wasn't the only person feeling 'x' because of 'z'!), but also educational, forcing me to think about some things from angles I hadn't previously considered.  So thank you to you all.  

But I guess I'm getting increasingly uncomfortable with the 'public' berating of authors who are clearly not so quick on the uptake, who have clearly not absorbed what so many of you have been saying.  Or even worse, the belated condemnation of authors for fics that were written many years ago.  People should most definitely be held accountable for their errors, especially when these errors have a very real negative impact on those around them, and people most definitely have the right to be angry at continued ignorance despite their best efforts at education.  But I also believe in forgiveness above all things, and empathize with human error/ mistakes... God knows I've made enough egregious ones.  So instead of miring ourselves in all of the hurtful and/or offensive things that a few fans have produced over the years, I'd like to try to focus on the stories and authors that DO NOT fail, those that are actively helping fandom on it's path to becoming a 'rainbow nation' (sorry, requisite world cup nod...). 

So, some wonderful fanfiction stories that genuinely incorporate diverse ethinicites, races, etc.: 

Feet in your Shoes- Busaikko, 3050 words (SGA) 
Okay, this may be the only piece of fanfiction ever posted with a tagalog cut tag ('matibay an walis, palibhasa'y magkabigkis'), so the awesome-ness was pretty high before the story even started.  Anyway, great little SGA 'high school au' with Ronon as both narrator and protagonist. (And Teyla as the Filipina head of a youth home in Chicago). 

War Games- Seperis, >100k words (Star Trek reboot)
The author's self-proclaimed response to 'RaceFail '09'.  If only the published SciFi world would take note - characters of colour can indeed go to space! And they don't have to blow up! In fact, they can pretty much kick-ass! 

Beasts and Outlaws series- CalamityCrow, (currently 4 'books', about 40k words each) (SPN)
An alternate timeline SPN story, Dean is estranged from his brother and father, instead living and hunting with his Chicano lover.  Featuring fabulous racially and ethnically diverse cast of OCs, and especially a rich portrayal of Chicano culture in the southern US. 

Sixteen Days in September- Tevere, 43500 words (Generation Kill)
The portrayal of the East Timor conflict had led to it being recc'ed already as an example of how to 'do it right' when portraying modern tragedies (and rightly so).  Nick and Brad are both enmeshed in the horrific and tragic events surrounding the liberation of East Timor, and surrounded by the diverse cast of characters that one would expect on a UN 'peacekeeping' mission, no caricatures, no neo-colonial bullshit, and no easy answers, either. 

Okay, well, I'm not sure that anyone actually reads/ notices this journal (I mean, I don't even know how to post links properly...), but please add your own recs if you do happen by! I'm sure someone has compiled similar lists somewhere, but I know I, at least, am really feeling the need to start calling out those that are 'doing it right' instead of continuing to be disheartened by focusing on those who are 'fail fail fail'.  

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Date: 2010-06-19 04:28 am (UTC)
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I read your journal and I second your War Games recommendation. :) I haven't read the other stories yet.


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