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Introduction, straight through to conclusion

Thanks to the generosity of [personal profile] auburn I now have this awesome dreamwidth account! She so graciously enabled my continued internet-based fanfiction stalking...

So essentially I'll just put a standard disclaimer here- if I have friended you, etc., it is most probably because I enjoy your fanfic and want to read more of it.  Although I am forever intended to become less stalker-ish and more sociable in my internet habits, my lurking tendencies persist.  So apologies if I do not comment on the lovely work you produce, I endeavor to do better.  (And a preemptive 'thank you' for sharing! )

As such it's doubtful that I'll be posting much (i.e.- at all) here... (thus really saving the 'circle' from my rambling and disjointed prose, which I'll save for the professionals)


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Auburn is awesome. :) and welcome to DW. :)
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[personal profile] dossier 2010-03-25 02:09 pm (UTC)(link)
heh. I don't post very much publicly, but welcome~